Cyrokina I thank you for aparentlly partnering with me to help this website flourish. To answer your first question: yes I have been practicing and second: I have no idea who your ruling. I think we are the only ones who like District 9 enough to edit this site every other day. I hope there is a sequel to this movie. Can I ask you a question? Is there anyone involved with this wikia besides you me and, I think you said something about a guy named Sgt Banks? Well anyway back to the sequel thing, What do you think will be in District 10? I think it will be when Christopher comes back and changes Wikus back but thats probably just the beginning or 10 minutes into the movie. Do you thing I should make an article about District 10? Not the sequel the place. Leave a comment an any of the questions I asked. And additonally, I think we can run this website together and lead it into GREATNESS! Do you think spelling things in all caps is effective in making my point? Damn I've written alot here. Wait did I misspell aparentlly? Okay I'm done, I'm starting to ramble.