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The Doctor
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction MNU
Status Unknow (Probably alive)
Location South Africa

The Doctor, (actual surname Moraneau first name unknown) is an antagonist in District 9.

He is the head of MNU's bio-technical experimental research program.

He has been trying to fuse human and non human genetics as implied by the mutated human baby floating in a jar of what is presumably artificial amniotic fluid. He also makes an off hand reference to grafting non human organs and blood to human test subjects.

He is allowed by Piet Smit to investigate on Wikus mutated body, without caring about his life. He coerces Wikus to use captured alien weaponry against a terrified and unwilling live alien subject as well as porcine cadavers immediately beforehand.

When Wikus escapes from MNU laboratory, he take the Doctor as a shield, and his fate is unknown, but he is presumably still alive.