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Shacks are the non-human standard housing. Shacks consists of metal pieces, cardboard, basically trash or anything to be found. Shacks are usually small and messy as trash is lying around everywhere and shacks are generally poorly made. Shacks usually have one to two rooms and one to two entrances. Shacks barely have any furniture and if any there is at least a table or a door. Shacks usually have room outside if not other shacks are surrounding the house.

Non-human shacks[]

Shacks are the non-human standard housing as said above. Non-human shacks are generally bigger than normal shacks seeing as non-humans are taller the humans. Nearly every non-human owns a shack and lives in it. Non-humans also abuse their shacks by drawing graffiti on their shacks or leaving trash and belongings scattered everywhere inside the shack.

Christopher's shack[]

Christopher has a shack much like many other District 9 non-humans. Christopher's shack is very remote and away from other shacks as it is in the middle of a large area. Christopher's shack is also somewhat more organized than other non-humans except for his various computer parts throughout the shack. Christopher's shack also has a nice door at its front seen several times in District 9. Christopher's shack was destroyed after Wikus took off in the command module until it was shot down. After Christopher left in the Mothership it is unknown what happened to the remains of his shack.