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The programme is headed by Doctor Moraneau, though presumably, he is not alone in managing the project. He is, however, the only researcher seen in the film.

Overview and Goals[]

The Multi-National United's experimental (and illegal) genetic research programme seeks to research the nonhumans' biology, in particular, their genetics. This is done in order to find a method that can bypass the integral biometric security features of the the nonhumans' advanced technology, in turn to pave the way for humans to be able to operate their machineries, and, through that, reverse engineer their much more technologically advanced devices. .

Requirements and progress[]

It has been implied by the film that nonhuman DNA and a functional nonhuman nervous system is required to interface with said technology. Hence MNU researchers have been attempting to fuse human and non human genetics, as hinted at by the mutated human fetus floating in a jar of what is presumably artificial amniotic fluid. There were also off-hand references by Doctor Moraneau to grafting nonhuman organs and blood to human test subjects. These experiments are highly unethical: torturous, vivisectional murder and other unethical (non)human experimentation of subjects abound. The experiments are done in secret primarily because it is illegal by any measure, however this was in vain, as the existence of the programme was exposed to the public by Fundiswa Mhlanga.

Central Location[]

The Main Bio-lab where the project is centered is housed at the MNU headquarters in Johannesburg.