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MNU Alert is a game that was sent in an e-mail by Sony Pictures and can be found here.

In it the player can choose to be either a Non-human or a MNU officer. The game play differs between the two sides.

Non-human Gameplay[]

As a Non-Human the player are tasked with collecting 10 fuel canisters located in District 9 and gang controlled territory. The first 3 huts that the player finds will contain new weaponery. The player can swich between them by pressing 1,2,3,4. As the alien the player has better weapons and a higher damage resistance but is outnumbered by the MNU officers that will shoot on sight. The second level is harder than the first, because now the player also has to deal with the gangsters.


  1. The first weapon has a slow rate of fire and causes a small explosion.
  2. The second weapon has a faster rate of fire and causes more damage than the first weapon.
  3. The third weapon handles like a machine gun and fires a constant stream of bullets.
  4. The fourth weapon is a very large weapon that causes instant death on contact and can kill enemies offscreen.

Human Gameplay[]

As the human, the player is given the task of killing or capturing 20 Non-Humans. As the human the player is more susceptible to damage and the weapons are weaker. For maximum points the player should attack at close range to intitiate a arrest. But if you kill a Non-human (taking many bullets to do so) the rest of the aliens will gang up on the player. As for the weapons the damage and rate of fire goes up. On the second level,the player will also have to deal with the gang members. The gang members are also highlighted on the minimap in red making it harder to find Non-Humans.