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Koobus Venter
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction MNU Agent
Status Dead (Killed by Prawns)
Location South Africa
Kobus Venter-David James

Kobus Venter (Left)

Koobus Venter is a character in District 9 and serves as the main antagonist. Venter is an MNU Agent who is sent to District 9 to try and find Wikus van der Merwe and is in charge of the First Reaction Battallion. Towards the end of the film, most of his men are killed by Wikus and Christopher, who is now powering a battle suit. But when the suit is damaged beyond repair, Wikus is ejected from it and tries to escape, but Venter hunts him down. Before he can kill Wikus, several prawns jump out, dismember, and kill Venter.

Koobus is played by David James.