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Kobus Venter-David James

Two humans.

The humans are a species in District 9. They are the people of Earth. Much of their technology is primitive compared to that of the non-humans. They are much shorter than prawns, only coming up to their chest. Humans tend to be very soft and fleshy, as opposed to the hard, thick shell of a prawn, and are physically much weaker. However, unlike the non-humans, humanity is not a biologically class-based society. Thus, the average human is much smarter and more capable of self-reliance than most non-humans, because most non-humans are simple "drones". There are approximately seven billion humans on Earth. The non-humans are the first extraterrestrial species they have encountered thus far.


Human weapons are mainly kinetic-energy-projectile based, although electrical, electromagnetic and laser weapons have or are being developed. The majority of their creations are not DNA-based, as the non-humans' are. Human space travel is still developing.

Eating Habits[]

Humans will, in most cases, only eat food when cooked. Human cuisine is varied and food is usually exchanged for money, though it will be given for free to those in desperate need of it. Some areas of the world are faced with a scarcity of food while others have it in abundance.

Living Habits and Conditions[]

Humans vary in their living conditions and habits. Some humans live in luxury while others sleep in horrible shelter like how the non-humans live. Humans sometimes neglect both humans and non-humans who live in squalor.