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Halo will perhaps one day be a film based on the popular franchise and Xbox game of the same name.  

Current News[]

As it stands, right now the Halo movie is currently at a halt. The film currently has no director and is getting nowhere fast. It has had at least two or three different screenplays and is getting to be costly already.

Directing Issues[]

The biggest problem for the Halo movie is finding the right director. At first the film was going to be directed by Peter Jackson but he later gave the rights to the film to Neill Blomkamp. After a while Blomkamp announced the film as "dead."

Peter Jackson[]

At first Peter Jackson seemed very excited about directing the Halo movie after his highly successful Lord of the Rings Trilogy and his blockbuster hit King Kong. However, he then gave the rights to the film over to Neill Blomkamp so he could work on the video game Halo Chronicles, which was later cancelled due to budget cuts.  

Neill Blomkamp[]

After receiving the right to the Halo movie from Peter Jackson, Neill Blomkamp became the director. At the time, he had not directed a major movie other than his YouTube shorts. After a while he announced the film as "dead", and told /Film that the was no longer considering working on a Halo film if the opportunity arose, saying that after working on the film for five months before the project's collapse it would be difficult to return.

Writing Issues[]

Aside from the director problem there is the writting problem. Getting a script to not have the Master Chief as the main character and the story from his point of view is really hard. The Halo movie has gone through at least two or three different screenplays and at least two screenwriters. The focus for the script is to get it to not be from the Master Chief's point of view and to not have him as the main character, since emotionally, he doesn't hold much weight due to his faceless nature.


That's always something to look at when making a movie. How much is this film going to cost? Will it be over the $150 million budget of J.J. Abrams' blockbuster hit Star Trek which was released on May 7, 2009 at 7p.m? Will it be more? Will it be less? Are they going to underfund the film by not making the budget big enough, or are they going to over fund the film causing millions to be thrown away? Which will they do? Well, we don't know: go find a Halo wiki.