District 10 is a new camp, located 200 kilometers (about 124 miles) outside of Johannesburg, which was filled with non-humans after the events of the District 9 movie; after Christopher and his son departed from the planet Earth by using the detached command module that had broken off from the mother-ship, which was hidden under their shack in District 9.

District 10 is the permanent residence of over 2.5 million non-humans and is more organized than District 9, which held only 1.8 million. It is filled with small, white tents which are arranged in long rows in a fenced off, guarded area. The tents are much smaller than the shacks of the old District 9, which was destroyed after the non-humans were moved to the new district. The aliens believe that District 10 will be a better place to live but, as Wikus tells Christopher and his son, the tents are much smaller than the shacks, it will be more uncomfortable. The rationale behind District 10 was that the aliens would be separated from the humans so that they wouldn't cause any trouble in the city. At least that's the story that MNU claims, however others claim it was because MNU could do whatever they want to the aliens and not have to worry about anyone finding out. This is a possible accounts for the extreme isolation of District 10. Wikus also refers to it as being more closer to a concentration camp than the slum that District 9 was.

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