FANDOM is the official site for District 9. When you enter the site you have a choice of either selecting Human or Non-human. Whichever one you choose, you will only be able to enter the blue areas. The red areas are restricted to whichever race you select. News updates are displayed in correspondence to the area in which they occurred, displayed by a target symbol. In non-human, you will have the option to have the text spoken to you in English for better transition into human culture. To go to click here 

If you are a human, enter "careers" in the bar up at the top of the page. If you are a non-human, enter "labor" in the same space.

If you type in Christopher Johnson, Friend or Oliver you will get several messages that say say that you have violated MNU regulation 4.2.3 and that your access to the site is suspended. This is an easter egg, Many known alien names give this message. You will still be able to browse the site as normal and the message is just an easter egg. The same will happen if you try accessing the news in the human area more than once. If you enter as human, and try to access the non-human news, you will get a message saying you have violated MNU regulation 5.2.2 or if you enter Wikus Van Der Merwe.