The first appearance of the Poleepkwa bio-suit can be seen in the short film Alive in Joburg. The device appears to be a basic pressurized suit, albeit somewhat oversized from human pressurized suits.

The most likely use for this suit would be in a vacuum, such as space, when the Poleepkwa need to be outside of their ship, performing tasks such as making repairs. The suits can also be seen being worn by a very few Poleepkwa in the short movie as they wander the streets of District 9. However, the Poleepkwa do not seem to need to wear the bio-suits in Earth's atmosphere, as the others without bio-suits can breathe normally in our atmosphere. The bio-suits in Alive in Joburg also possess the strange power of telekinesis. The operator of the suit can pick up objects, such as vehicles, and manipulate the object without physically touching them.