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This is the correct translation for non-human writing.


Like English, the non-human's writing style follows a 26 letter alphabet. The only difference is the way the non-human script is written. Their writing bears a resemblance to Chinese or Korean scripture, although it is somewhat straighter and noticeably different.

There are also several characters seen in the movie that have no correlating symbol in the font set. It is possible and likely that the non-human alphabet is longer than 26 letters, and that the font available to download is an abbreviation of the alphabet designed to parallel the human Roman alphabet, whether or not it's actually accurate.

Since MNU Spreads Lies is written in English with the non-human font, it is not a reliable resource for determining what the language, or alphabet, of the non-humans is really like.


  • Christopher has made this font available on his website, unfortunately the website was taken down around the year 2011. But luckily enough, the page was saved on web.archive.org. Click on the link highlighted in blue on the page.