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Arc Gun clean

The ARC gun, also referred to as the "Mulcher," is an alien weapon that fires a stream of electricity. Like all alien weapons, it only discharges in the hands of a non-human or a mutated Wikus.

The weapon utilizes highly dangerous protonic current which has a high damage radius and damage capability. Upon direct contact with a biological entity, one hit from the weapon causes the entity to superheat and explode in a violent, swift, and often messy manner. Although a direct hit is the most effective, even minor superficial damage from the weapon can yield fatal results such as horrible burns and even dismemberment.


  • Wikus used an ARC gun when he and Christopher infiltrated MNU headquarters to retrieve the fuel canister to power the drop ship. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=IQc6P70q_Wg
  • A weapon of similar design is also part of the onboard weaponry of the Exosuit.
  • The ARC gun is called the AMR-B21 by MNU.
  • An ARC gun prop was auctioned off on eBay.